Technology born in Ballarat, Australia

The NatureWrap technology was born in Ballarat, Australia from the motivation of a group of Irish & Victorian potato farmers who launched the company that proved the commercial viability of the core process to potatoes, carrots, and pumpkins.

An outcome of the market research and treatment process development was the benefit of a “value added” product that would enhance the market opportunities for the potato industry and the economic viability of the general region. The treatment process meets the “clean and green” criteria that is a recognised feature of Australian farm products as seen by local and international markets.

Food lab work in Australia

All activities transferred to the UK in 2016, driven by the rise in plant based diets and much larger markets in Europe. Consumers want fresh food that requires minimum preparation, convenience, safe preservatives, and less wastage. COVID-19 and Brexit has reinforced the urgent need of robust local food supply chains. The days of “Just in Time” are passed.

Our patented preservation process extends the shelf life of potatoes (and other vegetables) that have been peeled from current practice of 3 days to more than 21 days by dipping and spraying product with natural non-allergenic solutions. We do not use harmful sulphur or nitrogen-based chemicals. The current use of SMBS to preserve food is losing favour due to the short shelf life and odour problems. It is listed as a known allergen on food packages and a noxious chemical which can affect those with respiratory ailments.

Our Partners

Our partners are large potato processors who prepare and preserve potatoes that are chilled, frozen, or blanched and sell to the secondary market; fish & chip shops, supermarkets, wholesalers, hospitality, retailers and food services in the UK and Europe. They also export internationally and the 21 day shelf-life facilitates this. 

In Australia our partners included Mccain’s Chips, Qantas Airline and Red Rooster Restaurants. 

NatureWrap can be tested in-situ at your plant at any scale required. Only simple process plant additions such as solution tanks, dipping tanks, spray devices, drainage conveyors and small pumps are needed.